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Welcome to Montreal in Conjunction with SNAC Pet Expo

November 4th and 5th, 2023

Our Judges

Saturday - AM                                                     Sunday - AM

Francine Hicks - AB                                         Chris Unangst - AB

Irene Van Belzen - AB                                     Jamie Christian - AB             

Katerina Krenn - AB                                         Patricia Buchanan - AB                                          Terry Collins - AB                                                Stan Buchanan - SP

Saturday - PM                                                    Sunday - PM

Francine Hicks  - AB                                        Chris Unangst - AB

Irene Van Belzen - SP                                     Jamie Christian - AB                        

Katerina Krenn - AB                                         Patricia Buchanan - AB                    

Terry Collins - SP                                                                                 



Brigiite Pouliot - entry clerk


Phone:  514-813-0779

Montreal Olympic Stadium (Metro PIE IX)

Super 8 Lachenau

1155 Yves Blais Avenue

Terrebonne, Quebec




Show comments:

Come Celebrate all that is Canada in beautiful Montreal.  Lots to do and see and plus an amazing Cat Show.  In conjunction with SNAC Pet Expo - Lot of amazing vendors located in the spacious Olympic Stadium

Early Bird -  October 8, 2023 

 US ExhibitorCND Exhibitor

1 entry in a double                120,00  $                100,00  $

2 entries is a double                170,00  $                135,00  $

2 entries in 2 doubles                210,00  $                170,00  $

3 entries in 2 doubles                240,00  $                195,00  $

4 entries in 2 doubles                290,00  $                235,00  $

Additional entries (after 4)                  50,00  $                  40,00  $

Extra double                  40,00  $                  30,00  $


Regular Entry - October 29 2023 

 US ExhibitorCND Exhibitor

1 entry in a double                130,00  $                110,00  $

2 entries is a double                180,00  $                145,00  $

2 entries in 2 doubles                230,00  $                185,00  $

3 entries in 2 doubles                250,00  $                200,00  $

4 entries in 2 doubles                300,00  $                240,00  $

Additional entries (after 4)                  60,00  $                  50,00  $

Extra double                  50,00  $                  40,00  $

Payment can be made electronically through PayPal to We ask that you use “Friends + Family” to help the club! include a note with your name and entry upon sending payment.

Benching: All spaces are sold in multiples of “double spaces”, 24” by 48”. Personal show cages must fit within this space. All cages must be covered on the top and three sides for the comfort of the cats. Exhibitors wishing end of aisle - please be aware that you may not place your grooming tables, coolers, carts, etc. at the end of the aisle due to traffic flow.

Health Rules: This is a non-vetted cat show. All entries should be up to date on all immunization; Canadian law requires all cats over the age of 3 months be vaccinated for rabies. You must be able to produce a rabies certificate on demand for all entries and cats in the show hall when requested. Please clip claws (front and back) prior to benching. Any cat showing signs of contagious illness, ear mites, fleas or fungus will be removed from the show hall as well as any other cats exhibiting from the same household, and all wins will be forfeited. A veterinarian or veterinarian Technician will be on call to examine any such animals at the owner’s expense. HHP adults must be spayed/neutered. No cat younger than 3 calendar months is allowed to be in the show hall.

Registration: Household Pets and Household Pet kittens do not need to be registered to compete in their first show. All other cats must either present eligibility to register with TICA or a TICA registration number (Registration required for all New Breeds and Traits). Cats do not need to be registered for their first show, but registration is required for the next show for confirmation of titles and yearly cumulative scoring.

Show Rules & Liability: This show is sanctioned by The International Cat Association and is subject to their Show Rules and Breed Standards. Official show rules may be obtained from TICA, P.O. Box 2964, Harlingen, Texas 78551, (956) 428-8046. By entering, all exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges and the show committee. CPE Cat Club, TICA, all hotels used by exhibitors, and Quality Inn Toronto Airport will be held harmless for any damages, claims, losses, etc. of/to the exhibitor and his/her entries.

Awards: Nauticats Cat Club will be utilizing the plaque system, as in accordance with TICA show rules. Rosettes for plaques will be given for each entry at check-in, and awards given in rings may be placed on these rosettes


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